Friday, November 26, 2010

"Beauty amongst the weeds"

I remember, as a very small child, the torturous trips to Adelaide.
Trapped inside a small vehicle with two parents that smoked non stop.
The 5 hour journey, feeling hot, tired and grumpy.
The screaming and yelling, mainly my mother. That I still hear to this day.

Dad used his fists.

The feeling of relief, when I could see the fields of purple (depending on time of year of course). The 'purple' signaled we were almost there, it meant peace, soon, I would be out of this car, and close to a woman who loved me no matter what.

My Great Aunt was a beautiful soul, she spoke little English, but there is no language required when speaking the language of 'love'.

I have a necklace and ring that once belonged to her, I clearly remember when she gave them to me. It used to smell like her, it has been held tight and sniffed, with a beautiful warm feeling. I think over time I have inhaled all her smell, drank it with my lungs, long lost its scent, instant happiness.

For Christmas, I would like a bottle of her "scent", so when I find myself in a place that is dark and futile, nepenthe.

Childhood memories, not sure why I am being bombarded of late, also dreaming a lot about heart operations. What to do, what to do...........

There is always "beauty amongst the weeds"...........

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The excitement is building.
Second bedroom has been re plastered. Photo's to come.
It was a difficult decision to plaster over the top of the original solid plaster, but a decision based on practicality and budget.
Who knows, maybe oneday, we can peel off the gyprock and take a short course on solid plaster rendering and restore to original condition......... SIGH...........

Work begins (next week) on installing solar panels and battery bank, we will be completely independent from power companies, living off the grid. Woot Woot
I have been assured that the system we have designed will run everything we need, including computer, washing machine and fridge. In fact, we will be dumping power.

Extension has been delayed, due to new planning laws, some of which are shamefully revenue raisers for council.
There are also the new fire laws and guidelines to contend with.
I understand the need for some of these new laws, but realistically, if there was a fire anywhere near here, I would leave.
Simple, there is no decision to stay and fight, what a ridiculous idea, like I could win a battle against Mother Nature.

On a different note, I had some divine yarn loveliness arrive from Swift River Farm yesterday, yet to be photographed. I thought I would try some of there over dyed colours, and I wasn't disappointed with my purchase.
A treat to me, for my birthday.

41 is schme, it came and went.
The kids took me out for breakfast, delicious, and then catered to my every whim for the rest of the day. God, I love having my birthday.
Coen had saved for months, to surprise me with tickets to Harry Potter, a little bit of an ulterior motive here me thinks. He paid for both his sisters, and had exactly the right amount for popcorn, lemonade and chocolate balls (Maltesers) for everyone. Cute.
Camilla presented me with her first Biography test for the year, as it scored 22 out of 23. I will frame it of course, it was accompanied with a beautiful note, written from the heart, thanking me for, well, everything.......We are anxiously awaiting her marks now, I keep telling her that the rest of her life is not dependent on her results, there are ways and means and different paths to take to get to where she wants to go.
Laura, sweet Laura, sent me some gorgeous flowers, and her absence was missed soulfully. Why do they have to grow up and leave ????
Mia, gave me a big sloppy kiss, because 'that's what I wanted and needed', she also drew me a picture. This will also be framed. It fills me with hope when I see her doing things that most people have no difficulty with.

Excitement is building for Christmas, Mia understands this year that Santa is coming and bringing presents.
We have been telling stories about Saint Nicholas, and learning more about Jesus and his birth.
Soon, First Advent, and an Advent Calendar to ready (ours has pockets that we fill each year).

Friday, October 1, 2010


We have had so much fun exploring our new home, there have been adventures abound.
No tv, no computer and very infrequent phone reception. BLISS

Every day saw us rise early, build a fire and breakfast on the verandah overlooking the creek and ruins.
Very early to bed, usually completely exhausted but in a good way.
Lots of knitting and reading and playing, we searched and searched for faeries. I think we may have found evidence of their existence within a "story" tree.
The "story" tree was named so, because every time we visited, it prompted Mia to ask about me, when I was a little girl.
I find it interesting that she is so curious to know about me.
I see her struggle with the notion that I was, once, little, just like her.

Mostly I make up fantastic tales.
Sometimes stories, that are relevant to some of her trials and tribulations. I watch her closely, and when she makes a connection between my stories and her life, her little face lights up. JOY

My best friend Larry, pictured below, joined us on our short break.

He has aged much in the last 2 years, it breaks my heart to think of him not being under my feet. He has been my faithful shadow for 11 years now.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New beginnings....again....

Soon, very soon, we are moving here.
An adventure in Waldorf education, and lessons in Steiner's teachings will be undertaken.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

This young woman pictured below

turned 21 years of age on the 25th of May 2010.
Pictured with Laura is her future husband Luke.

These two amazing young people announced their engagement earlier in the year.

So it was a whirlwind trip to Queensland to attend Laura's party, and to also spend the actual day of her birth together.
We looked at bridal dresses on one day, to me it seemed every gown Laura tried on was stunning.
The lump that formed in my throat with every dress that was being tried on was becoming increasingly difficult to swallow.
How did it 'happen', how am I even old enough to have a 21 year old daughter let alone a daughter that is soon to be married ?

How did she turn out to be such an amazing, beautiful young woman ?
A young woamn who has her head screwed squarely on her shoulders.
A brave young woman who isn't frightened to say 'no', a careing, happy, healthy, well adjusted young woman who's smile is so completely infectious and an equally contagious laugh.